Butyl Gasket


Metal Zinc’s Butyl Gasket is a high-quality, UL 723 listed: R39457, gray butyl tape. It is used to bond the seal HVAC systems, metal roofing, windows, gutters and roof penetrations.


  • Trims easily and cleanly
  • Superior adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Stronger than putty
  • ASTM - E84 flame spread 0/smoke density 1.8 smoke developed = 0
  • Provides water and air tight seal
  • Non-curing

Standard Construction

  • 3/16” x ⅝” x 25’
  • Cardboard core
  • Gasket is rolled onto a smooth silicon release paper

Optional Construction

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Product specifications

Metal Zinc Part Number Size Roll (ft) Roll/Box Box/Pallet
BGASKET5831625⅝” x 3/16” x 25’2048
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