Dual Filter Rack

Dual Filter Rack


Metal Zinc’s Dual Filter Rack is a great solution for people wanting a low cost alternative to traditional media cabinets. The open back of the rack allows easy installation of metal or duct board plenums.


  • Space for up to 5” media filter
  • 1” new construction/per-filter
  • Insulated R6 or un-insulated
  • Comes assembled
  • Factory provided adaptor angles allowing contractor to adapt filter rack outlet to any cabinet, no transition needed

Standard Construction

  • 26-gauge galvanized steel ASTM A653
  • Extra strong snaps and hinges on filter door section
  • Factory installed gasket on door that significantly lowers air leakage
  • 1” flange in with unit adaptor angles for connection to blower cabinet
  • 6 standard sizes for media section

Optional Construction

  • Boxing for resale
  • Media filters available
  • Special gauges or filter sizes
  • R4 and R8 Insulation
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Product specifications

Metal Zinc Part Number Size A x B x C Pallet Quantity
DFR1620-R616 x 20 x 1224
DFR1625-R616 x 25 x 1224
DFR2020-R620 x 20 x 1224
DFR2025-R620 x 25 x 1224
DFR3220-R632 x 20 x 1212
DFR3225-R632 x 25 x 1212
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