Furnace Stands and Bases

Furnace Stands and Bases


Metal Zinc’s Furnace Stands and Bases provide a strong, durable platform on which to set gas or electric furnaces.


  • Solid and durable to hold all furnaces in place above flooring or joist. Flange allows additional connection to floors or joist.
  • Full length base, available to help secure the feet together, removing the possibility of sagging
  • End cap models secure without base

Standard Construction

  • 20-gauge stand for strength and stability
  • 26-gauge base (if desired) to hold stand feet together
  • Full 24” and 30” lengths to fully hold all furnaces
  • Offered in 4”, 6” and 9” heights
  • 28-gauge end cap version alternative available

Optional Construction

  • Alternate lengths and heights available on request
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Product specifications

Metal Zinc Part Number Size A x B x C Gauge Bundle Quantity Pallet Quantity
FS24424 x 6 x 42010120
FSB24424 x 6 BASE2610120
FS244EC24 x 6 x 42810120
FSS24624 x 8 x 62010120
FSB24624 x 8 BASE2610120
FS246EC24 x 8 x 62810120
FS30430 x 6 x 42010120
FSB30430 x 6 BASE2610120
FS304EC30 x 6 x 42810120
FS30630 x 8 x 62010120
FSB30630 x 8 BASE2610120
FS306EC30 x 8 x 62810120
FS30930 x 14 x 92010120
FSB30930 x 14 BASE2610120
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