Customer care

At Metal Zinc, the happiness of our customers is our top priority.

We're committed to providing the parts and services you want, at the high quality you expect, delivered when you need them.

We're a family company that works hard for our customers, so you can be sure we’ll do what it takes. That’s why we make sure our representatives are always standing by to help if you need advice or assistance.

Call the customer care team on 832.252.9116 (business hours) or email [email protected].



Metal Zinc Manufactures
Headquartered north of Houston, near George Bush Intercontinental Airport, you can find out 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility, where we make high quality precision made components. 

See for yourself
We welcome visitors to come visit our facility. 
If you would like a tour, contact your MZ representative.


Metal Zinc Delivers
Metal Zinc made the conscious decision not to invest in a fleet of delivery vehicles. Why? Simple; we are able to deliver anywhere at any time because we have an array of options for delivery services, and we’ll choose the delivery method that gives you the best value. This means that, unlike some companies, we won’t charge you the cost of returning an empty truck to our facility. You only pay for your shipment, with no added fee to cover the return trip.

View our freight policy in detail here.

Customer care

Metal Zinc Communicates
We don't leave our customers in the dark when it comes to orders or shipments. When a purchase order is received, our team provides an electronic Order Acknowledgment, confirming the order within 24-hours.
When your order is shipped, a detailed packing list is sent to both the customer and the driver, providing all the necessary shipping information. Invoices are emailed within 24-hours of shipment and statements are sent on a weekly basis.


Metal Zinc Listens!
When customers have a suggestion, we take notice.

For example - Customers said they wanted a way to store our snap lock pipes at their location easily and not have to return old metal stack racks. We switched to using a wooden shipping crate for the delivery of our snap lock pipes. This way, the wooden crates can be destroyed or recycled at your location, saving the inconvenience of storage and the cost of return.

We welcome your input!
If you have questions about our services, suggestions for improvements, or just wanna say 'Hi!' - get in touch!

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