Metal Zinc is the fastest growing provider of HVAC&R sheet metal products in the Southwest.

Our business is built on the idea that we can provide high quality products at dependably low prices to our designated market area in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Our founding partners have purchased and utilized HVAC&R products in this market for more than 30 years, so we know what our customers are looking for in quality, service and value.

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Press Room

July 24, 2019

Metal Zinc, LLC today announced the latest addition to their growing line of economically priced HVAC sheet metal products, the Economy Damper Blade.

The Economy Damper Blade, which is sometimes called a duct damper, is a movable steel plate located in the ductwork that regulates airflow and redirects it to specific areas of the home or office. Dampers are typically used in zoning or “zone control” systems.  Read more… 

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