Duct Board Top Return Air Box/Boot

Duct Board Top Return Air Box/Boot


Metal Zinc’s Return Air Duct Board Top Box provides an economical way to attach return air grills and return air filter grills.


  • R4 and R6 Return Air Duct Board insulation
  • Multiple sizes available (see chart)
  • Flanges for direct connection to grill
  • Easy attachment to duct with start collar

Standard Construction

  • 30-gauge galvanized steel ASTM A653
  • 3 ½” depth
  • Duct board cut and pieced to size

Optional Construction

  • 26-gauge
  • Optional sizes and depths quoted based on quantity
  • Un-insulated box
  • R8 Insulation
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Product specifications

Metal Zinc Part Number Size Gauge Bundle Quantity Pallet Quantity
DBBx101010 x 10305210
DBBx121212 x 12305180
DBBx122412” x 24”30590
DBBx123612” x 36”30590
DBBx142014” x 20”30580
DBBx142514” x 25”30560
DBBx143014” x 30”30560
DBBx162016” x 20”30580
DBBx162516” x 25”30560
DBBx202020” x 20”30580
DBBx202520” x 25”30560
DBBx203020” x 30”30560
DBBx242424” x 24”30560
DBBx243624” x 36”30560
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