Spiral Elbows


Metal Zinc’s Spiral Elbow creates strong, versatile change in direction for medium & high pressure applications.
Constructed using a Spiral Seam Elbow machine – utilizing the Spiral Seam RL-1 as used on Spiral Pipe.


  • Quick and easy installation due to a “fitting size” 3in. straight-in and straight-out along with a raised bead for coupling with spiral pipe
  • 1.5 radius spiral seem on 90° degree elbow
  • 45 degree elbows available in 18 inches
  • No gore sealings required

Standard Construction

  • 24 & 26 GA galvanized steel ASTM A653

Optional Construction

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Product specifications

Diameter Inches Gauge Pallet Quantity
426Made to Order
526Made to Order
626Made to Order
726Made to Order
826Made to Order
926Made to Order
1026Made to Order
1126Made to Order
1226Made to Order
1326Made to Order
1426Made to Order
1624Made to Order
1824Made to Order
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